About Me

By day I'm a QA analyst working out of Chicago - acting as a heating blanket for my cat and cackling along to some podcast or another. By night I'm a visual artist with a penchant for sparkling wine and video games. 

Born in Kansas City, I attended the University of Kansas where I received a BFA in Digital Media and a minor in Art History. As a life long dabbler sticking to one art style is not for me - I'd much rather explore new styles from day to day. I'm an avid self learner and aim to master all the computer software and hardware I can get my hands on in this life.



Skills Include:

Adobe Photoshop, Flash/AnimateCC, Premiere, After Effects,  Illustrator

HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, ASP.net MVC 5, SQL

light C#, Unity Script and ActionScript 3.0 knowledge

Traditional Drawing & Painting techniques, Digital Illustration, Video Editing, Web Design

Customer Service via bartending and IT work for the past decade. 

^^check out my instagram for art, cats & the occasional commission opportunity - instagram.com/flombomb_